A Royal Celebration

According to the Bible book of Esther, a 180 day drinking feast was prepared by king Ahasuerus. This covered the army of Persia, its media, civil servants and the princes from the 127 provinces. The ceremony ended by a week’s drinking feast for inhabitants of Shushan (who were jews) and the rest of the people.

King Ahasuerus got drunk during the feast he had thrown for his people. As a result, he expected his wife to come and perform for the nobles and populace. When she refused majorly because of an issue with her skin, king Ahasuerus removed her from that position and ordered for young girls to parade themselves before him. He would then choose a bride from them.

Esther, a cousin of Mordecai, who was an official of Persia, was among the girls who had presented themselves before the king. Luckily, she was the successful candidate. Mordecai became an official after he discovered that two of the courtiers wanted to kill the king. They were hanged and his service to the king was recorded.

That is when king Ahasuerus appointed Haman (who is the origin of the feast of Purim). Haman then planned to kill all Jewish include the bride of the queen because Mordecai did not bow for him. Haman with the help of the other Purim he chooses the thirteenth of the month of Adar to murder the entire Jewish minority. He had also gotten the go-ahead and funds from King Ahasuerus.

Mordecai starts morning. Esther plans a three day fast which he tells his people to honor too together with here even though the practice is forbidden on the land. On the third day, Ether invites her husband together with other people to a feast. After the feast, she invited them to an evening banquet. Before then, Haman is offended for the second time Mordecai refuses to bow to him. This prompts him to build gallons to hang Mordecai the next day.

During the banquet, King Ahasuerus is attacked by insomnia. The daily recordings are read unto him and he realizes Mordecai saved his life. The same night, Esther reveals she is Jewish and Haman wanted to kill them. Haman is therefore ordered to be hanged in the same gallons he had created for the plan to kill the king’s wife and her people.

Mordecai then assumes the second position after the king and Jewish commemorate the act of deliverance from Haman.

During a celebration, there is the sharing of gifts between families, friends and even strangers. During the feast of Purim, the act of sending foods and drinks to other family members and friends known as Mishloach Manot (also called shalach manos or Purim baskets). It is meant to make sure that everyone gets enough during the feast. Remember you can send always send Purim Baskets Israel at Purimland.com

This in other terms is also meant to disapprove Haman for his statement the Jewish people were full of strife and disunity. During the celebration, all Jews who have attained the age Bar and Bat Mitzvah are expected to send two types of food to more than one recipient.